The Hidden Dangers of Unfiltered Tap Water

A tap that suffers from a lot of the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water

It can be very distressing to find out how much stuff gets into your tap water that should be there. However, if you learn about the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water, you can also deal with them!

Chlorine is common in unfiltered tap water

Chlorine is, in fact, commonly used in Water Treatment in Central Florida. It can kill off many dangerous bacteria that live in water. And even outside significant water treatment facilities, people use them on their wells to ensure their water is drinkable. However, chlorine is also one of the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water! While chlorine can be somewhat harmful in large amounts, it’s not chlorine that concerns us. It’s the byproducts produced when chlorine is introduced to the water. These byproducts are dangerous, and they build up in your system quickly. With daily exposure, they’re more than your body’s natural detoxification rate can handle. Thus making Water Purification Systems in Central Florida a requirement if you want to stay healthy!

Lead can make its way into your home

Everybody knows just how dangerous lead can be to one’s health. It can cause devastating damage to your kidneys, cause cancer, and provoke a variety of permanent damage in children if they’re exposed to it often. So, you might wonder how lead could be allowed to linger in drinking water. The answer is, unfortunately, pipes. Yes, your pipes may be causing lead to seep into your water supply! That is because the dangers of lead pipes were not known back when they were installed, and a ridiculous percentage of homes in the entirety of the US still have these pipes. As a result, even if your city’s commercial water treatment in Florida is perfect, the problem could be on your end. And it isn’t an easy or cheap thing to fix, either. That makes picking out the perfect Florida home water treatment services all the more important!

A water barrel
If you filter water in advance, store it properly.

The dangers of arsenic

Arsenic is much more common in well water than in city tap water. Cities typically have water filtration systems capable of removing all but trace amounts of arsenic. However, the areas where wells are the main water source are also frequently centers of agricultural activity. And unfortunately, it’s agricultural pollution that causes the largest arsenic contamination. That makes it necessary for homes near such areas to figure out custom water solutions in FL. Out of all the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water, this is one of the most insidious, especially since the effects of arsenic on human health are rather severe and can cause anything from partial paralysis to complete blindness with enough exposure!

A well
Having a well is excellent. But it exposes you to many hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water.

Less common heavy metals in tap water are a known problem

To make matters worse, whether in highly urban or countryside areas, lead and arsenic are not the only heavy metals people need to worry about. There are a host of different heavy metals that can end up in your water supply, including aluminum, mercury, copper, chromium, and cadmium. Each of these can devastate health, affecting people’s brains very adversely. They count as one of the causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s disease. The only way to protect yourself from this is to look into reverse osmosis Florida water treatment solutions. It is the most effective water filtration method against heavy metals. Of course, we recommend you first test your water quality in FL to ascertain which heavy metals you are struggling with. That way, you can pick the most effective filtration method for your household.

Radon in your water

Nowadays, it’s unlikely that people are unfamiliar with radon. It is a radioactive gas that can wreak havoc on one’s health if it somehow finds its way into their home. The bad news is that if you draw your tap water from a well, you might just have it in your water. That is because radon often gets caught in wells and becomes one of the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water. Radon is another reason why testing your water for contaminants is usually required. And why you might just want to look into Residential Water Treatment Services even before you detect any problems with your tap water. After all, sometimes it’s too late to regret not taking action sooner!

Other chemicals that can contaminate tap water

Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of other things that can contaminate your water, too. Phosphates, dioxins, bacteria, nitrates, and more. All of them have their unique effects on your body’s health. And all of those effects are unequivocally bad! Some cities have the fortune not to worry about these much due to good filtration practices. For example, suppose you are moving from Orlando, FL, to another state and hiring interstate movers. You can make the process much easier by choosing to team up with Florida experts to help you. In that case, the last thing on your mind will be thinking about tap water quality at your destination because Orlando has stellar water filtration. However, such carelessness can result in awful results for your health. No matter where you live, you must habitually test your water and use proper filtration within your home!

Showering with unfiltered tap water is not exactly safe either

Finally, note that the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water will not just affect you if you drink it. Showering with unfiltered tap water for a long time is just as bad for your health! That is because our skin does absorb some of the harmful chemicals that land on it. It does so in trace amounts, of course. However, does this help much when discussing substances like radon or lead? Even in minimal amounts, they’ll still have an extreme effect on your health. That makes cleaning and maintaining your water purification system throughout your home necessary. Rather than just in your kitchen, as a lot of people do!

A shower
The water you use to shower needs to be filtered too!

Trying to avoid the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water

Now that you know the hidden dangers of unfiltered tap water, your next priority should be to avoid them. Unfortunately, there are no one-solution-fits-all answers here. You must test your water and find a filtration system to match the results. Otherwise, if you go for universal filtration systems, a ton of harmful stuff will end up in your water anyway.