Water Processors


Central Florida Water Treatment uses three water processors; each has a specific function, and provides our customers with great flexibility.
  • The Silver Series is the most basic and is generally considered a Water Softener.
  • The Gold Series is more versatile and is classified as a Water Conditioner.
  • The Gold Series Plus is the most versatile of all and is a Water Refiner.
  • All three are unique systems, designed to remove specific contaminants and to give a specific quality of drinking water!
  • The right one for you depends on the specific results of the analysis done at the water point of entry of the home. The technician will recommend which series is best for you. Our Water Processors ensure that you and your family love the taste of your water.
  • In addition all three of our Water Processors provide the following benefits:
  • Your dishes sparkle, glassware and flatware dry free of spots and streaks.
  • Your laundry has brighter colors leaving your clothes clean and soft.
  • You add years to your water heater and efficiency by 30%.
  • You save dramatically on the cost of your cleaning products.
  • Water free of minerals allow your soap to provide greater lather.
  • Your skin feels smooth and silky.

Silver Series

Eliminate hard water buildup with our efficient Silver Series water softener

Gold Series

Upgrade to clean, chlorine-free water with our Gold Series water conditioner

Gold Series Plus

Upgrade to clean, safe water with our Gold Series Plus dual tank system