Plumbing And Appliance Savings

Plumbing And Appliance Savings

Central florida water is hard on your home

Anyone that lives in Central Florida knows that our tap water is filled with minerals. Over time, this can have a corrosive effect on household appliances and plumbing. The water can cause your plumbing, washers and dishwashers to wear out at a faster rate.

Treated water helps reduce wear and tear

Hard minerals in the water corrode plumbing and appliances, chlorine dries out their o-rings and gaskets. Our water causes leaks and failures at an alarming rate. If you thought this was just part of living in an agricultural rich land, you are wrong. There is a solution!

Central florida water treatment systems help preserve your home

Reduce the wear and tear on your kitchen and laundry areas. Help your pipes and plumbing last longer by removing the harsh chemicals in your Central Florida water. Help keep your home in great shape and reduce the expense of chronic repairs caused by the harsh water. With a Central Florida Water Treatment system, your plumbing and appliances will last longer and will be more efficient. Contact us today for more information.