What’s the best location for a water treatment system

Under-sink space as the best location for a water treatment system.

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Many households in the US, especially Florida, have issues with water quality. And if you don’t like what you’re getting from the tap and want to taste that chlorine-free water, you might want to look into water purification services in FL. But of course, first, you have to go through choosing the right type of system for your needs. And once you get that done, there’s the big question of where the best location for a water treatment system is.

It’s a lot, but we’re here to help you with all of it. By the end of this article, you won’t be worried about chemicals in well and city water, as your tap water will be as pure as it can be. 

But let’s start at the beginning and look at different types and uses of water filter systems

Reverse osmosis filtration

Reverse osmosis filtration systems are popular among people for a few reasons. First off, these systems are easy to understand, and they’re relatively simple to install.

In essence, they clean water by putting it under pressure and forcing it through a semipermeable membrane. All inorganic solids are filtered out, and you end up with clean, delicious drinking water

Now, as so many households use this type of filtration, it’s not hard to find people willing to talk about it. And here are some of the reasons why they love it so much:

  • The water tastes much better
  • Limited maintenance – you don’t have to worry about it
  • It’s all automatic
  • Reasonable pricing – you’ll save money as you won’t have to buy expensive bottled water
  • Simple installation

Carbon filtration systems

Many people interested in water purification systems in Longwood go for carbon filtration systems. Thus, we can’t miss talking about them. Right away, we can tell you these are practical solutions, and there are plenty of ways you can use them.

For example, if your family doesn’t drink that much water, a simple canister fitted with a carbon filter may be all you need. But, of course, if you are using a lot of drinking water, it won’t be hard to find a whole house system that’ll fulfill your needs either. 

That said, in the second scenario, you’ll need to make space for the crew to install the filter in the right spot. And if you must move plenty of things to get to that spot, there’s no reason to do it alone. It’s a better idea to hire a couple of movers to help with various tasks. They’ll do all the heavy lifting, and you can sit back and wait for your water to become clean.

But how do carbon filtration systems make it clean?

Well, these contain activated carbon filters, which remove contaminants and impurities from tap water. They soak up all the chlorine, odors, sediment, and other unwanted organic compounds. However, they won’t help you get rid of minerals and salts, and you’ll also have to deal with lower water pressure. 

So, this system isn’t perfect, but it’s highly effective, and we certainly recommend it. 

Ion exchange filtration systems

Ion exchange filtration systems have been around since the mid-1930s, and they’re still popular today. Now, since people have been using them for so long, it’s obvious they’re very good at cleaning water, but how do they do it exactly? 

Simply put, water travels over a resin that absorbs unwanted ions and replaces them with more desirable ones. So, it takes out any calcium and magnesium from the water and replaces them with sodium. In other words, these systems will ”soften” your water, and the best location for a water treatment system that works on this principle is right where your water supply enters your home. 

Luckily, maintaining an ion exchange filtration system is simpler than you might think it is. In essence, you’ll have to recharge the resin from time to time, and you’re all set. If you’re in the area and are using this system already, feel free to schedule a free water test in Longwood and find out if it’s time for you to refill. 

Is an under-sink filter enough?

If you want to avoid those ugly and bulky filters on the end of your faucets, you might think that under-sink filters are the way to go. And if you only have one or two sinks to worry about, they might be. However, if you have three or more sinks that you want to get clean water to, a whole house system may be a better solution

Furthermore, under-sink filters are easier to install, and if you’re skilled with tools, you won’t have to pay a plumber to fit them in. If there’s enough space under the sink, and you have all the tools and materials you need, you can get it all done by yourself in a matter of hours.

On the other hand, whole house systems are different, so let’s see what you need to know about them. 

Whole house installations

As the name suggests, a whole-house system should supply all the faucets inside your home with filtered water. Hence, you should pick a place as close to the water mains as possible to install it. Look at your house plans or call experts from Central Florida Water Treatment to help you find out where your main water feed comes into the house.

Keep in mind that no matter what kind of filter you go for, you’ll need to maintain it. So, make sure it’s easy to access and upstream of your water heater. 

Furthermore, you’ll have to decide if you want inside or outside installation. In our experience, it’s better to go for the inside variant, as your system will stay protected from the elements and the environment. But if you want it to be outside, you can do that as well. 

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Now you know everything you need to find the best location for a water treatment system in your home. Spend as much time as you need to research the water filtration systems in Florida and pick the one that suits your needs the most. If you need some more guidance, be sure to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.