Cleaning and Maintaining Your Water Purification System

Clean water guaranteed through cleaning and maintaining your water purification system

With how important water is to us, it is important to know your water purification system is working well. To help you ensure this, we’ve prepared tips on cleaning and maintaining your water purification system.

Keep careful track of when you change your water filter
The first thing you need to remember for the sake of cleaning and maintaining your water purification system is exactly when you change your water filters. Once you’ve picked out the perfect water treatment system for your home, the filters are one of the most important things to maintain. However, if you forget when you last changed them, you’ve got a problem on your hands. After all, water filters are not cheap, and it is, unfortunately, safer to just change them out than risk using a water filter that’s already been used for too long. A water filter in bad condition becomes an even bigger health risk than your water originally was. As such, make absolutely certain that you are properly tracking your water filter replacements, and follow the recommended replacement schedule for your water purification system. Some require replacements every month, and some can last much longer.

A water purification system under a sink
Filters located under the sink are tricky to replace.

You might need to immediately change the filter

Now, while you need to replace filters regularly to keep them safe, doing so does not guarantee they’re working properly. Sometimes, filters are damaged from the get-go. Or, because of your water, they get ‘used up’ far faster than they should. This is why you should make sure to have a replacement on hand, even when the scheduled replacement is far off. Note that the storage experts from Miami Movers for Less advise you should be particularly careful with the storage conditions wherever you are keeping your filters. Otherwise, you will be using a bad filter from the start, and your Florida Water Treatment Solution won’t be working as intended.


Odd water taste and smell

One of the best signs that you need to change your water filter immediately is the odd water taste and smell. If you are not in a position to replace the filter yourself because the system you opted for is particularly complex, you should at least sign up for the water test and find out if you need to react. You can easily online schedule a water test, so don’t hesitate to do it! Of course, if you can change the filter yourself, then you need to act as soon as you notice the change. If the problem persists, it could be a much more serious problem that regular cleaning and maintaining your water purification system won’t fix.


A decrease in water flow pressure

The second common sign you need to replace your water filter is a decrease in water flow pressure. This is caused by the water filter getting too clogged up by various solids and contaminants in your water. This is particularly common if your home’s water is very hard. You will need to replace your water filter more frequently in that case. Alternatively, you can look into some of Florida’s Best Water Treatment services. And see if they can help you acquire a more robust water purification system. Of course, this isn’t as big an issue as a change in water taste since your water filter is still doing its job as intended. But it can get very annoying due to limited water output.


Ceramic and pleated filters cleaning

Ceramic and pleated filters are unique when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your water purification system. This is because they can be reused for a time as long as they are properly cleaned. However, the only ‘proper’ way to clean them is simply by running water over them. This is because they are very sensitive, and any use of cleaning chemicals can easily contaminate or damage them. By running water over them, you can gently clean them off and remove any solid and contaminant buildup.


Clean your water purification system regularly

Depending on what sort of water purification system you have opted for, it may be necessary to clean it regularly. Devices that just filter tap water into water that’s safe to drink frequently require this, for example. As such, you need to clean them with care and make sure that you cover every part of your system for Residential Water Filtration in FL. If you replace filters without flushing out the income and drain hoses, for example, buildup can also occur in them. This would slow down the water flow or make it harder to filter than it should be.

A water purification appliance
Small systems are very easy to clean.

Avoid the use of any strong chemicals during cleaning

If your goal is to battle the chemicals in well and city water, you should not be introducing new ones directly into your water purification system. As such, you should only use mild or no chemicals. Most of the water purification system cleaning comes down to getting rid of the building-up contaminants and solids. So, just flushing them out or gently rubbing them away underwater is typically enough anyway.


Consider contacting professionals for the sake of cleaning and maintaining your water purification system

The final thing you need to understand about cleaning and maintaining your water purification system is that you might not be able to do it on your own. Some systems are just too complex for such things. And it is also possible for a problem to occur that you don’t have the knowledge or the skills to fix. At such times, looking for professional water system maintenance services in Fl is the best way forward. Drinking water is not something you want to mess around with, considering its impact on your health! Any serious faults in your water purification system can mean that you are drinking extremely unsafe water.

A large water purification system
Particularly large and complex systems need professional care.

Due diligence and a careful approach to cleaning and maintenance

As you can tell, cleaning and maintaining your water purification system is not easy. But at least it mostly comes down to paying attention to filters. If you at least do that much, you can ensure that your water purification system works well for a while!