Plants VS Some things in water

I live in an apartment with a very big terrace according to the city I live in, where usually outdoor structures like this one are just called balconies because of their size. Not only am I very lucky to have this amazing space to get pleasure from the sweet joys of the sun, but also to have an amazing human being as my girlfriend, who doesn’t only loves me and lives with me, but also loves nature and living with it. The point is she has the patience to care for, grow and maintain a beautiful set of different species of plants at home in our stunning outdoor space.

These plants are truly a fortune, or so I’ve learned from all she’s taught me. They clean the oxygen we breathe, some of them are quite delicious as some ingredients for making breathtaking vegetarian recipes or a delightful tyssane before going to bed or going to work and can even enhance productivity in humans for the higher concentration of oxygen in the air.

As all living things, they require hydration to be able to grow and serve the purpose a specific human individual may want, or need them for. Also, for decorative purposes to stay alive and beautiful. 

Plants, just as humans, have some kind of circulatory system. It starts in the roots that are usually grounded. These roots take the water that has fallen near them and absorbs it. Said water, and some particles it may come with, travels through their own irrigation system and ends up in all corners of the stems and foliage. But here’s the thing, the water that has been treated for human consumption is not treated for the health of the plants. Not to say that “human treated water” is 100% safe for us, but that’s a subject for another blog. And it all resides where some plant species cannot tolerate some chemicals or compounds like chlorine, fluoride or even salts that are typically used for softening water.

While there are certain costumes, one may adapt to ease down the impact of some chemicals, like leaving the water sit for 24hrs while some harmful compounds sit at the bottom of whatever container you may be using to hold the H2O, it’s not only difficult to remember to do the task, but also is not very effective as when you move the container to water the plants. Why? Because particles at the bottom may start to contaminate the liquid again.

What we recommend, at Central Florida Water Treatment LLC, is a reverse osmosis system. Not only your plants, but also your family and friends will thank you with the outcomes of this amazing tech.

Give us a call and let us free you and your plants of any water difficulties.