How to Deal with Cloudy or Smelly Ice

Use this guide on how to deal with cloudy or smelly ice.

Summer is here, and so are the long and hot summer days we’ve all been waiting for. And there’s nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than spending an afternoon by the pool while sipping from a tasty cool lemonade. Or having a pool party with your friends and savoring some cold cocktails. However, you should know that the ice cubes that you use are just as important as the drink itself. Cloudy or smelly ice can ruin your favorite beverages and your guests’ evening. Not to mention that it can even represent a danger to your health. Therefore, finding and eliminating the cause is essential. So, here’s a guide on how to deal with cloudy or smelly ice.

Check the quality of the water

Before you decide to throw out your ice machine for making cloudy or smelly ice, you should check your water supply. After all, if the water is bad, the ice machine is not to blame. Now, many factors can affect the quality of the water. Therefore, your best option would be to test the quality of your water. And it’s simple, you go online and schedule a free water test in FL. This is beneficial not only for your future iced drinks but also for your health. So, don’t underestimate its importance.

Water that is being poured into a glass.
Testing the quality of the water is the first step when it comes to how to deal with cloudy and smelly ice.

Improve the quality of the water

After you test the quality of your water, you should also find ways to improve it. The truth is that city water treatment in Central Florida plants can’t remove all the contaminants. And we all use tap water for more than just ice cubes. We use it for cooking, and we even drink it. Therefore, if the water is contaminated, it can cause health issues.

One solution here is to invest in water filtration systems for home in FL. Of course, there are many options on the market, and you should do a bit of research to determine which is best for your home. Moreover, even after you install filtration systems to purify your water, your job isn’t done. You should also ensure some proper maintenance. Change the filters regularly and schedule regular inspections.

How to deal with cloudy or smelly ice produced by your freezer

  • Since not everyone owns an ice machine, let’s first deal with the freezer. This is the most common means of making ice cubes. We all use it all year round, not just during the warm season. Therefore, we should take care of it regularly. So, here are the steps you should follow:
  • Thoroughly clean your freezer. Start by unplugging your refrigerator so it won’t make any more ice until you’re finished. Clean the entire freezer properly, including the ice cube trays and bin. Also, throw out any frozen food that smells bad because ice cubes absorb all these smells. If the bad smell doesn’t go away with soap and water, you can use baking soda to remove it. Once you finish, let everything air dry.
A completely frozen freezer with an ice cream cup inside.
To avoid cloudy or smelly ice, you need to regularly clean your freezer thoroughly.
  • Replace old ice cube trays. Sometimes, your ice cubes might still smell funky even after a thorough clean. In this case, it’s time to invest in some new ice cube trays.
  • Make fresh ice. Another essential aspect you need to consider is how old the ice is. The best advice is to throw out any more than one-week-old ice. This is because the longer it stays in your freezer, the more smells it will absorb. So, make fresh batches of ice whenever you invite people over.

How to deal with cloudy or smelly ice produced by your ice machine

  • How to deal with cloudy or smelly ice produced by your ice machine? Ensure proper maintenance. This is essential. Just like any other household appliance in your home, your ice machine needs some good care. Here’s what you need to do:
  • Remove the leftover ice and water. Unplug the machine before carrying out this task. Then empty the reservoir. If ice cubes are stuck to the walls, just use warm water. And whatever you do, avoid sharp objects.
  • Clean it thoroughly. Once you empty the ice machine, you can start removing all the removable components. This will enable you to clean them properly. In general, the dust and other deposits cause bad-smelling ice. Therefore, regular cleaning is mandatory. Furthermore, just because some components are non-removable doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them. Just use a damp cloth when it comes to these items. And don’t forget about the outside of the ice machine, which also requires cleaning.

Consider installing an ice machine filter

Now, apart from the regular maintenance you do on your ice machine, you should also consider investing in an ice machine filter. As previously mentioned, sometimes, it’s not the device itself that represents the problem but the water used. So, you should know that an ice machine filter will reduce the number of bacteria and other contaminants in the water. And this, in turn, will make your ice smell and taste better.

A jar and a glass containing strawberry lemonade with ice.
To avoid cloudy or smelly ice, you should consider installing an ice machine filter.

Furthermore, an ice machine filter will also extend the lifespan of your household appliance. And the main reason for this is that it prevents pink slime, algae, and scale deposits from forming inside the ice machine. Not to mention that this will make it easier for you to take care of your ice machine properly.

Proper storage is also important

If you don’t use your ice machine all year round, it’s also important where you store it. Just like any other household appliance, you shouldn’t expose your ice machine to extreme temperatures or humidity. Otherwise, it will stop working properly, which will also affect the quality of the ice. So, if you don’t have enough room in your home, the advisors at City Movers recommend renting a climate-controlled storage unit. This is very practical for unused household appliances, wood furniture, and other valuable items.


During these hot summer days, cooling down with an icy drink is the perfect way to end your day. But when the ice you use is cloudy or smelly, it will taint the flavor of your drink and ruin the moment. So, use this guide on how to deal with cloudy or smelly ice. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite beverages. And remember that for a more permanent solution, you should consider installing water filtration systems for your home.