Climate change, change of hearts

As humans have decided to advance in a cultural, economical and technological way, trying to build bigger cities and more comfortable environments for the race, the production of certain components have started floating in the air, making changes in the ozone layers and ironically enough making our planet more inhabitable one step at a time, which will eventually lead to a very uncomfortable scenario.

We’ve all seen the movies that talk about the end of the world, not in a zombie or religious set, but the ones directed to climate change and global warming. Yes, the scenario is a very scary one and while it’s obviously a Hollywood thing to exaggerate and rush the way things will happen, some of them could still happen, and others we are already paying for.

In some areas where the heat has risen, the water temperature has done the same. Time for big words now, “eutrophication” is the increase of vegetation in a particular area of water, and while we’ve all been told to eat our vegetables, and raised to believe that they’re healthy, in this particular case they are not. The excess of algal growth can and will contribute to the spread of dermatological and gastrointestinal diseases. The more pollutants in water means the increase of morbidity.

However, it seems like a long road before climate change actually takes a different direction because of the multiple economic interests that our society has developed, we can address these problems directly ourselves. By actually getting a good filter to make the water we use safe, we reduce the amount of energy we use to make it safe by boiling it, thus cutting down the carbon emission we usually produce. And believe or not, deforestation is also a player in this game since said water sometimes needs to be boiled with firewood. 

Yes, the human race has advanced in many ways for economical and technological growth. It’s now the turn to make our planet safer and yes it begins with us. Cause honestly? We all know that the majority of big companies became big by having a careless attitude towards humanity, and it’s home planet.

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