Water Breath

Staying hydrated is not only important for health matters but for socializing too. Don’t believe me?

You have a date or a job interview. You go see your friends and you already know you are gonna spend time talking in a close environment with people that may smell you.

Everyone has had bad breath a few times in their lives and the reason why could be due to several factors. You may have consumed something rather smelly like garlic or fish, or maybe a cigarette and a coffee give you that funky edge to the smell coming out of your chewing cavity. All this may go away with just a brush of the teeth or chewing gum to replace the odor produced by the item you chewed a while ago. But what if none of this is working? What if as soon as you throw away the gum or the minty smell of the toothpaste fades away the smell comes back? The reason why could be right in the intake of water that you remember to drink.

Bacteria grows much faster when you have a dry mouth. As the dehydrated body stops producing saliva, and the liquid that’s supposed to be cleaning the debris left from food or other substances, which contained bacteria from the beginning, is not there to help you get rid of it. The bacteria then has the perfect tools to start growing and so your mouth starts smelling.

So it’s concluded that as I said before, staying hydrated is good for social growth and for the depletion of bacteria which could frighten away people who possess noses.

However it’s always important that the hydration source is clean in order to do the right job for your body. Lucky you are just one call away to get everything you need for you and your people.

At Central Florida Water Treatment LLC. we have what you need to cover everything so you can stay close with the people you care about.