Staying hydrated for wounds

On this planet we live in there’s as many variables as there are humans and animals combined with the amount of moments lived in a life which philosophically makes for infinite possibilities and outcomes. Nonetheless I won’t discard the possible scenario where one living being has gone through life without getting wounded.

Hemostasis, inflammation, proliferation, and maturation are the different stages that a wound has to go through to complete the healing cycle. Water plays an important role in the development of these different stages. For instance and the least complicated of all arguments in this article is that a wound will take longer to heal if exposed to open air. The wound should be immediately cleaned with soap and water and then covered up to keep the moisture. Of course the water source should be as clean as possible in order to prevent any infections that may be created by the presence of bacteria and other microorganisms present in water. 

As soon as the skin gets damaged our circulatory system rushes blood transporting oxygen and the necessary nutrients to let the healing begin. If dehydration may occur by the time of wounding, less oxygen will be delivered and thus the healing will happen at a much slower rate. This specific situation gives space for an infection to occur which may lead to much greater complications, not only putting life at risk but ultimately making scaring greater.

A scar will begin to form during the last stage of healing and this could go on for over a year. What’s happening is collagen is reforming and interconnecting skin fibers to reshape them into the original state.

In conclusion, while and if you aren’t the small part of the humans on this planet that don’t get wounded, it’s important to maintain a constant hydration by ingesting the recommended daily intake of pure water and obviously make sure that you clean the wound with the best quality of the element.

At Central Florida Water Treatment LLC, we will cover everything needed to make your drinking and healing water perfect for the best outcome when the almost inevitable wounding happens.