Not a Bullet But Still Dangerous

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Lead is a heavy metal, and that’s just common knowledge. We also know about the health problems caused by several metals of the same kind to the human body. What we may not know is how much of these metals are hidden in our water. There are several ways to get this incredible liquid that keeps the world running, contaminated. For starters, there’s the possibility of a spill in the water source. Say you have a truck full of lead going somewhere. There’s an accident and the material contained in said truck falls to the water contaminating all of it. 

Then you have the transportation method. Again we all know that water gets to us through pipes, which up until the 1930s were made out of lead. Of course, corrosion made its job and all of the lead ended up in our supposedly drinking water. When this finally came to a stop, metal water pipes were still being joint together with a lead-based plumbing solder. So basically less amount of it could be detected but it still was a problem to deal with.

Ok… we now know where the source of the problem might be. And we know for a fact that is real. But what’s it doing to us? Well most likely if you are an adult there ain’t much that could happen to you, depending of course on how much the intake is. But it’s never the same for children. A small amount of the material can affect the brain functionality in kids of different ages. And here’s a scary thought, although it’s always good to look at the positive side of things, it’s imperative to know how bad it is and how easily it can affect the one’s we love. One microgram of lead in children’s blood correlates with a decrease of one IQ point. I know, it’s terrible, but here’s the positive side. Technology has gone as far to create filters that will ensure the safety of the water we consume and at Central Florida Water Treatment we have all you need to release you of all the concerns you may have.