Hair and skin dry water

A few months back, we learned generally about the destructive power of hard ​​water. Again, it was generally regarded, but I’m sure it’s now important for us to sink in to a more detailed view of what hard water can do or how it could impact our lifestyle. I want us to accurately learn how it can, and probably will, affect your hair and skin.

While we all need minerals to survive, and even just drinking plain water without minerals could be a potential body dehydrator, when you have too much of these little guys it becomes a risk for our health and our image. 

There is a homemade water test designed to tell us if we are invaded by hard water in our homes. Basically what we do is take a transparent container, where water can go, and that has a lid to cover it, so water won’t run everywhere. We fill the container halfway, then we should add 10 drops of dish soap, preferably one that does not have perfumes, detergents or dyes, as these can affect the results. We put the lid on and shake it, shake it, shake it… Don shaking? Now let’s take a look at the container to see the reaction. If lather has barely formed and no sparkling bubbles are present in the reaction’s result, the possibility is that you are invaded by calcium and magnesium in your water house system. This will be the same that happens when washing your hair or skin. Because your water keeps running with the contaminants, these will remain on you and the actual soap won’t have much of an effect as it’s being used to try to wash off the strange components. 

At last, the hard water comes back into the equation and does no wash off the soap or shampoo off, leaving it on said surface. This prevents for proper moisturizing of both surfaces and the problems begin.

Clogged biological surfaces such as skin and hair start to fail as its functions can’t reach their maximum potential. Hair may start thinning, which may lead to hair loss.

Skin-wise, if you are a sensitive-skin individual, certain conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, can be worsened by the use of hard water as it dries your skin. When it comes in contact with your epidermis, the minerals get left behind, these absorb the natural moisture from your skin surface. This added to the high levels of hard minerals could change the pH balance of our epidermis and dermis, which could be the cause for breakouts.

At Central Florida water treatment LLC, we know how to rid you of this issue. Healthier looking skin and hair just one call away.