glyphosate in florida

You say “Glyphosate”, and your mind goes straight away to the name Monsanto. Why? Well because they discovered it. Specifically, a scientist named John E. Franz made the discovery in 1970, and four years later it was already on the market for commercial purposes.

How does it work? The Chemical is applied to the plant and then absorbed by the foliage. Yeah, the roots have little to do with it. Then the chemical inhibits the pathway that basically makes the plant grow. Of course, this would directly affect the crops that we are trying to take care of. So, what did Monsanto do? What they do best. They genetically engineered plants that could resist the Glyphosate. But what they failed to do was to modify humans to resist it. 

Several studies have linked the chemical to be harmful to humans but of course, with such a huge profit flowing from this particular product, it’s hard to avoid contradictions and surely more questions start popping up. What organs does it directly affect? What dosage should be consumed for it to be harmful to humans? Who’s behind all this information? And obviously… Are they telling the truth? The answer to the common human being is “No idea”. 

So, the chemical is spread on the plants that are planted on the ground. The ground gets most of the chemical which later on is washed off by rainwater. The rain is absorbed by the earth and then flows back to the water sources while still contaminated by the herbicide, making it impossible for us to measure the real intake in humans and crossing the line for the admissible maximum amount the European Chemicals Agency said to be fair to human beings.

The solution? Well easy… A good quality filtration system will definitely take the concern away for this and several other compounds that might end up in our water sources. Central Florida Water Treatment has cutting edge technology that can assure the quality of the water you, your family or clients that come into your business drink and use for every purpose.