Nearly 20 thousand people in between China and the United States are involved in an observational study that reflects how sleeping 6 hours is the cause for higher dehydration rates than sleeping for 8 hours a day. And even though casualty can’t be proven for the study’s own observational nature, having such different context adds weight to the theory which besides is added to certain biological explanations that will help make sense to all this.

When we talk about water loss in our bodies, the most common path for water to leave our system is urine, without a doubt. But despite urine being famous is most definitely not the only way to dehydration. The other way is what scientists decided to call insensible water loss. From 300 to 400 milliliters a day are lost from just breathing, and for obvious reasons a large component of that loss happens during sleepy time, although the amount can vary depending on the person and if respiration during sleep time is done through the nose or mouth. 

Since there is no intake of fluids during sleep, there is no way to replace the amount of insensible water loss. It is believed that a hormone called Vasopressin kicks in during the last part of a sleep cycle, all thanks to the circadian rhythm, which is basically an organic clock that makes part of our systems to help regulate physical, mental and behavioral changes that occur in 24hr shifts. However, Vasopressin is released to promote the retention of water. If this process were to be interrupted, the interference with the hormonal signal will result in a direct contribution to dehydration.

In the other hand or side of the coin, we can see how being dehydrated can affect our sleep patterns. Some symptoms when dehydration occurs are headaches, dry mouth, muscle cramps and nasal passages. All of these are the cause of a lot of discomfort, which can make it very difficult to fall asleep when they’re present.

So it’s easy for dehydration and lack of sleep to complement each other in a vicious cycle. To prevent it, make sure to convert sleeping into a priority and trough that, make sure you know how to achieve sleep hygiene by having a consistent sleep schedule. Also, remember to often drink water and be sure to have a good quality product.

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