A Scary one for the Win

Alright here’s a scary one. Formaldehyde is an unregulated carcinogenic substance that ends up in our drinking water through death. Some other substances, of course, come from the same source. But today let us focus on this particular chemical.

It’s on your head. No, I didn’t get it wrong, it’s actually ON your head. Ladies… do you know what a Brazilian blowout is? And no guys it’s not where your head is trying to go right now, it’s actually a hair smoothing treatment. And to get it done a lot of chemicals make part of the process, including Formaldehyde. So yeah it’s on your head.

But what does any of this has to do with death, or how is it scary? 

Embalming is the process of injecting the bodies of deceased people with some chemicals that will try and conserve it as long as possible. Of course, formaldehyde is present. After the ceremony, the body goes in the ground and finally, the decomposition part starts to happen. The chemicals start going loose and finally the rain comes by and takes it all away as groundwater.  If you read some more of my latest blog articles you’ll know that one way or the other groundwater ends up as drinking water.

If you look it up, it’s easy to realize that the usual embalming fluid contains no more than 5% of the chemical. And the amount used for an adult is more or less 3.5 gallons of the stuff. 

Ok, now multiply that for 2 million bodies buried annually only in the USA… No math right now? No worries, the number is somewhere around 7 million gallons of the carcinogenic substance running under our feet. Which is fine because we are wearing shoes and there’s like a lot of ground in between us and the substance, but it’s likely to end up in our system through that drinking water.

Best way to get rid of it is through activated carbon. But let us worry about our own deal and let the experts worry about your drinking water safety. At the Central Florida Water Treatment Inc, we’ll find everything that’s needed for this matter.