Gold Series Plus

The Gold Series Plus is a state of the art, dual tank advanced valve technology design. It removes chlorine, ammonia and Nitrites from city water supplies. It uses catalytic activated carbon to remove trihalomethane [THM’s] to provide clean water. It keeps the pipes and the water heater free of mineral build up. Features of the Gold Series Plus refining system include: Advanced Valve Technology: Monitors and calculates water usage, system capacity, and salt level. With a Digital 1″ CLACK Valve, and a 62 day history of usage to deliver the best in efficiency and 27 GPM performance. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon (ACT) : Premium activated carbon removes virtually all bad taste(s), chlorine and odors Centaur Catalytic Carbon: This carbon targets ammonia found from use of chloromines and targets nitrates found in water from heavily farmed areas. Cation Resin: 12-14% Cross linked resin removes hardness with excellent resistance to chlorine and thermal shock. Silica Gravel Quartz: Excellent high flow rate support and sediment filtration media provides the final polish to your water.

Product Description

For the purest water possible you may want to consider this under the counter system. It produces 50 gallons per day of pure water for drinking, cooking, washing fruits and vegetables. The pure water produced by this RO filter enhances the flavor of your cooked foods and prepared beverages such as coffee and tea.
  • Enjoy fresh, great tasting water
  • Remove impurities and contaminants from your water
  • Cook with healthy water for you and your family
SKU: RO Gold 50gpd Categories: Residential Water Systems, Reverse Osmosis

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