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A well water test will allow us to know if there is any sulfur, iron, TDS (total dissolved solids), which is self-explanatory, BH, turbidity, hardness of the water in case it may contain magnesium, calcium or manganese. All these substances can be harmful for the body that consumes it, or it could be slowing down the correct functionality of our home water structures.

A well water test in Florida indicates that the source of the water is the Florida aquifer, which you should know is completely untreated. Raw water can also contain many of the different contaminants mentioned before.

A well inspection will be done to check the functioning of the submersible pump in relation to the pressure tank. We also take a look at the capacitor box and the pressure switch. These are the above ground parts of a submersible pump, which usually are 150 ft under the ground. During this inspection we will be able to define the geophysical parameters and fully understand the need for your house or business. So go ahead and book well water analysis Longwood FL test or an online well water analysis.

At Central Florida Water Treatment LLC, we are also able to do an FHA (Federal housing authority) water test. This very essential test has given us the opportunity to test the water in four parameters. Nitrates, nitrites, led and bacteria as in coliform and E. coli.

We have all the well water analysis solutions in fl. So don’t just wait until it has done some damage to your life and give us a call. It will make it easier to sleep at night.

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