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Our residential Water systems are divided in three subcategories, Silver, Gold and Gold Plus. Which one you choose depends on the results of your Free water test, to make sure that you and your family drink the best drinking quality water, making sure you get all the health and economic benefits that water filtration systems in the market can offer.


At Central Florida Water Treatment Company, we know that needs are different for all of our costumers. That’s why we build costume well water systems that not only will allow you to enjoy the benefits of pure drinking quality water, but also ensure the functionality of your product in any terrain, and all hazard free. Our system scale based is designed to fit your specific water treatment needs, without wasting more than what you consume, allowing you to save money while enjoying the best water quality.


As we understand the need for versatility of all of our costumers, our Reverse Osmosis system is build depending on your needs. This popular filtration systems had been around since the 1940s for home usage, and working day and night for bottled water companies. The reason why, is the effectiveness to get rid of contaminants of all types that could harm our health status. Increased blood pressure, problems with fertility and development of nerve and muscle damage, are all health issues that will be minimized when you use this amazing invention.


Every business has its own water needs, that’s why after the free water test we provide at Central Florida Water Treatment, Inc, we’ll know exactly the kind of water filtration system your company needs. Using the latest tech to ensure the best drinking quality water for you, your employees, and your valuable costumers.


Did you know Florida has one of the hardest waters in the whole country? That’s right, hard water is considered hard when it trespasses the 60 mg/L barrier of calcium and magnesium in it. Most of the Florida residents, get their element from the Floridan aquifer, which usually trespasses the 120 mg/L barrier. Thus, not only equipment such as water heaters, coffee makers, pipes and more will get damaged with time by the scale formed by hard water, but a much higher amount of soap is needed to get the job done, when washing dishes, clothes or anything that needs water to be cleaned, making it not only a money problem, but environmentally unsustainable.


Often mixed up with different numbers, 70% is the real amount of water our human body is build of. Probably not as high as we might’ve heard before, but it’s still more than half of our total body mass, making it important to keep that element as pure to our organisms as we can. To make it clear, here are the main health benefits you may get from drinking professionally filtered water:
Skin hydration, Nutrient absorption, Weight loss, Detoxification, Digestion, Reduction in the risk of cancer, Immune System booster, Mental health functionality


Central Florida Water Treatment, LLC has developed affordable and high-tech water treatment systems, that are proven to bring the best water quality to your house or business. With over 30 years of experience in the water filtration industry, and focusing on one of the hardest waters in all the U.S., we guaranty safety, efficacy and savings to all our clients H2O related matters.


Our equipment keeps you away from pollutants, pathogens, hard water and chemicals found in U.S.A. water, saving you from the health and economical side effects of the water that hasn’t been purified

Would You Like to Enjoy Pure Water in Central Florida?

Central Florida Water Treatment, Inc. is your local source for fresh, pure drinking water. We provide water treatment and purification services for residential and commercial clients in the Central Florida area. We also install and repair water systems.

Make every sip of water a refreshing experience with the help of Central Florida Water Treatment. Call 407-862-2234 today to schedule an appointment.

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